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From an early age, therapy has been an important part of my development in my relentless quest for curiosity and a sense of understanding. As a second-generation St. Thomian from the Virgin Islands, I've lived and experienced both a multicultural and multiracial sense of community that has helped me embrace differences and diversity. These influences helped pave a path to mentoring at-risk and marginalized youth while in high school, and onward to university to study how society's invisible influences affect our daily lives. 

So why am I a therapist? Through my own lived and learned experiences, I see the importance of listening to unique stories and helping to uncover how they shape the fabric of our being. It is the process of unraveling these stories to sketch a clearer picture of how anxiety, depression, uncertainty, and even happiness is interwoven throughout a circumstance – or maybe even our lifetime. Let us stop settling for thin conclusions by uncovering the rich descriptions of our lives and our relationships.


 Call 323-834-9238 for a free, 15-minute consultation! 

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